About Us

What do we do?
The aim of the service provided at The Harbour Centre is to empower and support victims of rape and serious sexual assault including penetration where specialist workers can inform you of your options and assist you in making your own decisions about your care.

At The Harbour Centre, our staff are experienced in working with people who have suffered sexual violence. We can offer you an environment of safety and support to help you in your recovery.

The Harbour Centre is committed to providing a caring, sensitive and dedicated service which meets the needs of victims of rape and serious sexual assault within Norfolk.


  • You always have the right to say “NO”
  • No matter what you wear, where you are or who you are with -
    It is NOT your fault
  • Help is available
  • You make your own choices.

Crisis workers

Crisis workers will provide you with emotional support during your time at the Centre ensuring you fully understand all the options available to you.

Support Workers

We have four support workers based at The Harbour Centre who can provide practical and emotional support to those that have been referred to the service either from attending the centre or via a professional referral.

There are two Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (Adult Service) and two Child/Young Person Advocates (0-18 yrs old service).

We are here to help.


Have you been raped or a victim of serious sexual assault with penetration?
Here at The Harbour Centre, we have specially trained, experienced professionals who can provide you with:

  • Immediate Crisis Support
  • Forensic medical examination
  • Access to Emergency Contraception and HIV PEP
  • Access to a support worker to provide support through any court action taken
  • Information about reporting to the police
  • Emotional and practical support with referral pathways to other services




In an emergency situation, if you do not feel safe, dial 999


The right people to help you

All our staff are highly skilled and trained to deal with people who have been raped or seriously sexually assaulted with penetration. They will offer initial and ongoing support, whatever you choose to do.

Rape: Time to stop